Too much

Mum is finally in respite in Mildred Symons House at Jannali (the old Chesalon). It was a totally horrible unnecessasry experience with Fiona gazumping my liaising with both Thomas Holt and MSH and ignoring my discussions with the team at MSH and telling us all that Mum doesn't want to go there and she's going …

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A few days in between

Drew has caught the bus to the coast to join Peri while the bathroom renovation continues. I'm planning to resume what was once a normal Wednesday schedule - morning at home - computer, garden, house stuff ; aquaerobics and quick coffee with my newish water friends, change at home and meet up with my regular …

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New year’s eve

Sitting up for the countdown to midnight is easy this year with a lively concert on Channel 2. I'm trying to organise this site and understand how this blogging works. I've pledged my reading challenges for 2018 and will list the books for the challenges here too throughout the year.