International Women’s Day

A  great start to today, I finished my Pussy Hat last night, I have taken the beautiful Tawnie for a walk and am halfway through the delightful Clementine Ford’s “Fight like a girl”.

Clementine’s book is funny and illuminating even for an old feminist like me from the early 80’s era of involvement in the “Women’s Movement. I didn’t realise that there was a word for what I’d felt for half of my life – “the Imposter Syndrome”. Makes a lot of sense now – I thought it was just a part of the Depression I was suffering from not a separate issue.


Second attempt

I decided to try again. This time with a clearer purpose I’m going to list the books I read in chronological order so I can keep track of them rather as well as posting to Goodreads. The books  I am listing on a separate page which may become too cumbersome if I add my reviews…

I’ll still rant and ramble whenever, like today – why to do people, when they replace their old paling fence go for a much higher colorbond one that is much harder to see over?


My First Random Reflections

My rambles may be what’s happening now or memories of my many meanderings and or digressions from the past.

Reason, reality, resourceful, receptiveness, responding, reverberation, retire, rebel, revolt, refuse, refrain, restrain, reckless, rash…excuse the alliteration. These words do not describe me they just begin with the same letter R and I was looking for words to create a title and phrase for this new blog, nevertheless they could all be me at different times…many reflections have been bombarding me over the last few months as I made the decision to retire or resign from my current position. Whatever the label I will call it my last school.

Why leave, I am asked regularly since “it” was announced. The real answer is because it is time. Time I moved on to something else. This is my ninth year in the same school in the same position – four years longer than I have worked anywhere. This job remained interesting because the school was new and grew and the position transformed with it.

The future? I don’t have specific plans, certainly not a retirement plan nor another job lined up. And that’s how I like it. Unknown new opportunities often appear when I am open and free to explore them.