Too much

Mum is finally in respite in Mildred Symons House at Jannali (the old Chesalon). It was a totally horrible unnecessasry experience with Fiona gazumping my liaising with both Thomas Holt and MSH and ignoring my discussions with the team at MSH and telling us all that Mum doesn't want to go there and she's going …

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International Women’s Day

A  great start to today, I finished my Pussy Hat last night, I have taken the beautiful Tawnie for a walk and am halfway through the delightful Clementine Ford's "Fight like a girl". Clementine's book is funny and illuminating even for an old feminist like me from the early 80's era of involvement in the …

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My First Random Reflections

My rambles may be what's happening now or memories of my many meanderings and or digressions from the past. Reason, reality, resourceful, receptiveness, responding, reverberation, retire, rebel, revolt, refuse, refrain, restrain, reckless, rash...excuse the alliteration. These words do not describe me they just begin with the same letter R and I was looking for words to create a title and phrase for this new …

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