Movies and other entertainment

2/1 Rosalie Blum  – Excellent – my perfect type of picture

15/1 La La Land – Hollywood propaganda x Dancing with the stars. Never did like Dancing WTS.. I can only think of the old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as being real dancers

28/1 Lion – loved the autobiography – and the movie is equally well done

10/2 Manchester By the Sea – Just goes to show some US directors and producers can make wonderful movies.

16/2 Hidden Figures – wonderful – so uplifting to see black american women finally recognised by the general public i.e. the movie makers

21/2 Casey Chambers and Peter Fanning – excellent concert. Garret Kato good start Casey Chambers so funny and strong, Bernard Fanning so talented. They played all together for the encores beautiful.

1/3 Alone in Berlin – Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson great actors, who portray a couple who went  against the Fuhrer by writing cards and placing them all over Berlin.